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Handcrafted Rose Gold & Silver
Jewelry by USA Artisan  Leann Maxwell-Burr

For years I've been living in the thought space of "I can't really make a living with art". 

Conditioning from childhood… conditioning from the idea of "the starving artist", or perhaps a combo of both, have kept me from fully taking the leap. Well NO MORE! I've been making and selling my jewelry locally for years, and have decided to leap off the ledge... and do it as a FULL TIME business!

(Insert huge smiles, and the clinking of martini glasses here!)  

We are here, working behind the scenes to get the store up and running! It will still take a bit of time, yet if you happen to stumble upon us as we are painting and decorating… do sign up for our newsletter! We'd love for you to be in the loop when we make the announcement that we are officially OPEN for Business!

Wishing You All the best…. 

We'll see you soon!

Leann :)


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