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Handcrafted Rose Gold & Silver
Jewelry by USA Artisan  Leann Maxwell-Burr

I've just hit "PUBLISH".  I am sitting in the silence….and hear nothing but my own heartbeat in my ears. HOLY SH*T…. I did it!! I built the home for my biz. Then, filled it with the very core of who I am in art form… and invited people to step up and peek in the windows.

I am not a brick and mortar store…so launching a website was a huge deal. It means my business has a "Home".  That it's become very real. A living, breathing kind of thing. It took weeks and weeks of work… and it had to be just right. And by just right, I mean that it had to FEEL right to me. I'm a visual person (most artists are) so looking right and feeling right are almost the same thing… one melds right into the other. Ok…that is done. I have a home for my art. And by extension,  my soul's expression.

So, what happens once the creative construction (aka busywork of building a website) is complete? Well…it's called EPIC Vulnerability…and with that comes a VERY strong urge to push the fast forward button. That imaginary button that would take me past the slightly nauseating feeling of  "wonder if anyone will even like my stuff" or "people can SEE the real me on a soul level now" feelings, …. to the feelings of  "ok…this is where I call home for my art, and I like it, so it's really all fine". It is very SCARY to feel vulnerable. And, I do believe it is part of the process of soul growth both as an artist, and even more importantly, as a human being in general.

Hmmm. Has it been awhile since YOU've heard your heartbeat in your ears while you sit in silence….if so, then perhaps it's time you do something that nudges you out of your comfort zone. <3 

Much Love & Laughter to all~



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