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So, I was browsing FB this morning over coffee and I nearly fell over when I came across the picture on the left below. The caption below by Erik Wahl was this:

"Research has shown that the smell of crayola crayons can reduce blood pressure in adults downwards 10 points. Feeling anxious? Take a drag of crayola and relax."

Admittedly, I don't know who Erik is, but now I feel compelled to go find out, because I LOVE this!  

For years I've been saying that one of my favorite things in the world, is my secret 96 pack (with the sharpener I might add)….I literally hid it from my kids…it's MINE…my colorful little secret. My colorful and delicious smelling secret weapon! I take it out and inhale a good long wiff here and there….as needed. My husband gave me that box for my birthday 13 years ago…because he knows how much I love the smell. It was perhaps my favorite gift ever. (meaningful gifts are clearly not about the money) So in addition to it's (apparently documented) heath benefits, the 96 pack holds dear meaning for me. 

So, what's YOUR secret 96 pack? 

Wishing You a Day full of Beauty!

Leann ;-)

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23 April, 2015


Ha Ha! Hiding crayons is a lot healthier than me hiding candy in my glove compartment.

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