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Handcrafted Rose Gold & Silver
Jewelry by USA Artisan  Leann Maxwell-Burr

Happy Friday & Happy MAY! Warmer weather is upon us and as we head into the weekend, I want to invite you to live out loud….to scare yourself just a little by doing something you WANT to do, but are not entirely sure you can. In OTHER words……. 

It is EXHILARATING!!!  I also invite you to COME BACK and tell us about it by leaving a comment! What will YOU do?

Wishing you all much Love & Laughter,

Leann ;-)

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01 May, 2015

Kris, in CT

I shall buy a dress that I love for an upcoming black tie wedding…and not worry if it shows off my curves too much. I do have too many curves, I am built for comfort and not for speed, and I can be very hard on myself when it comes to clothes. And so, for me, being brave will be if I find the perfect dress and my curves…show. ??

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