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Handcrafted Rose Gold & Silver
Jewelry by USA Artisan  Leann Maxwell-Burr

The lazy hazy days of summer are well underway…… and over here on the workbench, well, I am full swing into FALL. Production that is! 

I don't want to wish away anyone's summer, yet I am SO PSYCHED about what it coming for fall! I just posted a picture of one of my fall earring designs on our FB page. I can barely contain my excitement for the new pieces that are coming…  My sketch book is full, my metals are all ordered…. and the coming weeks will be spent blissfully at the bench working with a handful of rich textures that will be reflected in my new designs! (elegant Paisley-ish and Mandala-ish textures are what's happening over here, and lets not rule out animal textures, they may emerge more into the winter, though no promises yet)                                                           

So far this summer, we're fortunate enough to be participating in a couple of  fantastic local Farmer's Markets. (A big happy shout-out to the Cromwell Farmers Market and the Glastonbury Farmers Market!)  I LOVE that our local Farmer's Markets include Handcrafted Artisan work in their venues. It's like a big happy family. I have been completely blown away by the  response to my jewelry at these markets. I am completely humbled. I have already met so many lovely people through these markets and I look forward to meeting many more.

I do want to apologize for the lack of "Monday Morning Retail Therapy Sessions" in the past month or so. The initial plan was to do this weekly, and I WAY underestimated the amount of custom work I would pick up via our fairs so far this summer. I have altered our therapy plan to make it a once a month event…and when I can, I may toss up a surprise event! You just never know!

We have added an "EVENTS" page to the website. You can find out where to visit us in person. Come and say HELLO if you are in the area. We'd love to see you!

If you are not yet on our mailing list, please get yourself signed up! I communicate New Designs Info, Specials, Events and such via occasional emails. Don't worry… I NEVER share your info and I don't spam anyone to death with my news. ;-)

I hope that you are enjoying your summer…. 

All my best,

Leann (aka  LaLa)

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15 July, 2015


Good to hear you are having a blissful summer. =)

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