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Time For A NEW Me! You Too? And The Shoe?

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

I hope that you've all fully celebrated the 2017-2018 transition! This transition often brings a bit of shifting in our lives as we tend reassess at years end.

My jewelry design/production is still humming along, at a slightly lighter pace, while I direct my attention to a couple of other areas in my life. I've never really been much of a blogger, yet for fun.... I plan to blog a little as my year rolls along, hoping to share some interesting sh*t, and do a little bit of entertaining.... because making people smile is something that is important to me. 

Warning: If you plan to follow my blog... please know that I swear. I also say things that speak my truth, and well... on occasion it could drop a jaw. Consider yourself warned. ;-)

Two topics I am drawn to for 2018: My old house (1778) which is in need of love, AND my old "personal style"... which is most definitely needing some love.

How do these connect? Well.... It's an interesting story. And, to sum it up in one line: A shoe from the 1700's fell out of the ceiling one day.... for REAL! You can make this shit up. Here is the pic:

As I stood there with the shoe in my hand, I was thinking about the life this person must have lived. How fascinating it was to be touching something that was worn by a woman who walked the floors of my home all those years ago! The style of the shoe is beautiful, almost a ballet style but more utilitarian. I seems to be leather, but so old, that it feels like paper. It started me thinking of fashion in general, which I have always been in love with. Yep, I was one of those women who didn't leave the house without accessories and lipstick. NOT for anyone else mind you.... personal style made ME happy. Then....insipid "personal style depression" happened.

I went from awesome fitting outfit, silk scarf, earrings and lipstick, just to grab a gallon of sweatshirt/yoga pants, no make up.... no hair coloring (DONT regret this change one bit, love my silver!).... don't care what anyone thinks. I would go anywhere like this. WTF!?... I used to be such a peacock, and now I am a mouse. And I know exactly how it happened. (Special note of warning to all you Lula Roe gals out there: BE CAREFUL! Your stretchy comfort will lure you into a 30 pound weight gain before you even pick UP a cupcake!)

The cause of said "personal style depression"? Menopause. If you've been through this, you will surely relate. Menopause brings you a body type that is very different from the one you had before it. You WILL look in the mirror naked and think "who the F*CK IS THAT!?" Top that off with a little mild depression. I can only imagine that this is somewhat like post-partum depression, delayed... 22 years. Your happy productive children are leaving the nest, and instead of celebrating your awesome parenting.... it just feels awful for awhile. Questions like "who am I now?" creep in, and are comforted only by wine and chocolate. 

Ironically that shoe that fell from the ceiling, may have been placed there as a fertility offering for the woman who built/lived in this house. For it to fall into my hands, the day after my youngest child moved out of the nest..... well, she is clearly with me today. 

SO,... inspired by Lucy's shoe, I am reclaiming my peacock ....I am learning to step into the new me... physically, emotionally.....and in style! My jewelry designs to come, will surely be inspired by this evolution, and I can't wait to see what arrives on my sketch pad as I sit at my bench this year!

First step of Life in 2018: CLEAN ALL FRUMPY SHIT OUT OF MY CLOSET!! No more wearing sacks... time to re-define and re-embrace my style! Stay tuned for what goodies I find as I explore!

Anyone care to join me?  


Leann ;-)


Comments (4 Responses)

06 January, 2018


All so true Leann – I too am in the process of reclaming me!

04 January, 2018

Kim S

I can relate to everything you’ve described! I’m onboard.

04 January, 2018


I too fell into the menopause frump! I wore makeup EVERY where, wore trendy clothes LOTS of jewelry .Being a dog groomer I can’t do any of that and then before I knew it, it went into my off time too! I also became invisible to the opposite sex?.Wrinkles on my face and puppet mouth from of all things , smileing .Maybe I will take a step back and put on my big girl panties and do change in 2018 too! You are a great inspiration Leann!!

04 January, 2018

Mary b

Good for you Leann…

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