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Oh to Hell with the RULES!

Hello Lovelies!

I hope this post finds you all as MAGNIFICENT as the last time we saw one another, spoke, or otherwise communicated!

As for me, I've had a bit of a logistics issue as of late, (long boring story) BUT... I've found a little spot from which to get back to work, so I am overjoyed! While I'll be unprepared to participate in my summer shows, I WILL be back on the road in September!  For now, I'm crafting some new one of kind pieces (& some treasured classics) that will be trickling off my bench and onto my site in the coming months.

So what RULES am I planning on breaking? Thanks for wondering. I plan to go all wild & reckless...breaking the standard rules of jewelry photography for website sales. I'm SO SICK of the standard, boring, mass manufactured looking, plain white backgrounds...meh, they just don't jazz me up. And, they are recommended by the "pros" to help sellers "look professional" and "sell more product". Um... right.

I want my photos to truly reflect MY work. I create each of my pieces by hand, at my messy bench. Its dirty, time consuming, and satisfying work! I'll give you basic shots, but ALSO shots of the pieces being born if you will.... AT their birthplace, on my bench. My particular style of work looks fantastic displayed on black.... so you'll likely see a LOT of my charcoal soldering block along with my ratty soldering pick and bits of my dirty hands. But really.... isn't that what you WANT to see? The evidence of my hand crafting.... the evidence of each piece's unique birth? The visual that shows you, that your piece of jewelry is in fact, YOUnique? 

I laugh at myself for ever even following these guidelines in the 1st place, because I have never been one to listen to advice touted by the "Pros" and most often find my successes in following my gut and doing my own thing. (YOU should do that too....Follow your gut, go break some rules, it feels fantastic)

One more note re: photos... as a novice, its is very hard to photograph shiny objects.  I am choosing to do my own photos, because I want to be able to give YOU a great price on truly hand crafted items. So be kind..and accept my best shot. Thanks in advance! :-)

Leann ~

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