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Handcrafted Rose Gold & Silver
Jewelry by USA Artisan  Leann Maxwell-Burr

Jewelry Care

I use a high grade, low oxidizing silvers. (Argentium or Sterlium) These silvers are specially formulated containing a higher % of fine silver and with a touch of germanium. These patented alloy processes provide a gorgeous white metal well suited for luxury jewelry resistant of tarnish & oxidization so your jewelry will have a long lasting, bright finish.

Put on your jewelry AFTER use of all personal care products, including hairspray. Oils, perspiration, cosmetics and other natural elements all have a dulling effect on metals and gemstones. When you remove your jewelry, if there is visible residue, clean it gently with mild dish soap (not Detergent) and water. Dry COMPLETELY. When your pieces need a little polish, simply do a quick wipe over the metal with a jewelry polishing cloth. (i.e. Sunshine Cloth).  Please DO NOT use chemical liquid tarnish removers or dip type silver cleaners. I create depth and dimension in my designs with intentional oxidation and these types of "cleaners" will remove this ornamental oxidation, changing the look of your piece. Also, remove you jewelry prior to swimming or hot tub use.

Gemstone Care: Do not expose any gemstones to household cleaners, salt water, chlorine or extreme temperatures. Also, ANY gemstone can crack, chip or break. Do not wear your jewelry while doing manual labor, or any vigorous activity that would expose your stones to impact or abrasion. Note: I cannot guarantee gemstones from chipping, cracking or breaking. The longevity of your stones depends almost exclusivly on how you care for them.